Annual Giving Campaign 2018-2019

Supporting Community Education in Nicasio

December 2018:

We are launching our Annual Giving Campaign for the 2018-2019 school year, so now is the perfect time to make a donation and possibly lighten your tax burden!

The success of our students comes from a unique partnership between not only our Federal, State & local resources, but also our incredibly dedicated teachers, staff, parents and our invaluable community & business donors.

Nicasio School Foundation (NSF) provides funding, on an annual basis, to Nicasio School District and the funding helps provide programs that emphasize the Arts, Language, Technology, and Sports/Physical Health. Our Foundation makes every effort to make a difference for all children of Nicasio School and with your support, we can ensure that every child in our school community benefits from a complete and wholesome education.

Here are just four of the programs that the NSF has funded for Nicasio School in the last fourteen months:

1) Performing Arts; Last years' Performing Arts program included an amazing production of a student run talent show as well as a full production of “Peter Pan” directed by Monica Snell. 
2) Spanish & Translation Services; Spanish language instruction for children K-8th Grade as well as translation services to our Spanish-speaking families was also fully funded through the NSF.  The school has a dedicated translator and the translator is present at all school functions in order to help keep our Spanish-speaking families connected and involved.
3) Technology equipment and instruction; Our Foundation received a grant in 2017 to improve and educate the students' learning experience with regards to technology and access. Many of our children lack internet access at home, therefore our teachers provide critical education to the development of technology skills.
4) Art; The NSF also supplied the funding for the salary for an art instructor.  This current year, the students have completed many great projects which have included papier-mâché puppets and a quilting project.

In order to fund these programs for the new school year that will begin in August 2019....we are really counting on you and your donation to help us make that goal a reality. Please consider making the most of this holiday season and support the children of Nicasio School by contributing an End-Of-The-Year stock gift or charitable cash or check donation by emailing us at OR calling our Treasurer Laura Skapik at (415) 237-3218 OR by making a direct PayPal donation thru our website by clicking the RED “donate” button at the top of this page.

We wish you a very happy holiday season from the Nicasio School Foundation team,

Kristin, Laura, Ali, Andrew, Bob & Maricela

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Nicasio School serves approximately 50-60 students in grades TK-8. Students learn in multi-grade classrooms with highly skilled teachers and support staff who prepare them for transition to high school and life outside of Nicasio. While many graduating 8th graders attend Sir Francis Drake High School in San Anselmo, many others attend private high schools in Marin County and San Francisco.

Nestled in the heart of Marin County, California, Nicasio School belongs to one of the few remaining single-school public school districts in Marin. The district itself was established in 1866 with the first Nicasio schoolhouse constructed in 1867.


Our Awesome Sponsors!

We'd like to thank our awesome sponsors for sponsoring our 2018 Barn Dance fundraiser!

Thank you for your generosity!!!



The Nicasio School Foundation Raises funds to offer the children a rich and vibrant education preparing them to act as integral contributors to society and societies at large.

Funds raised directly cover the cost of the enrichment programs offered at the school: Physical Education, Spanish, Art, and Performing Art. The school's limited state funding does not account for these programs.

Please consider supporting the Nicasio School Foundation directly by following the link below. 




Thank you to all of the parents and community members who have donated so far!